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Jill Konrath

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Truthfully, it's the last thing in the world I want to do. But when other so-called sales experts use their colleague's work as their own, it needs to be addressed. It's wrong to steal. And, to me is even wronger (if that's a word) to dupe unsuspecting clients into thinking you're an expert when you're not. They don't deserve that. Andrew Hunt of InboundSales.net is the most recent plagiarist -- and it's not his first time. My friend Kristin Zhivago recently found that once again he'd lifted whole sections of her book, Roadmap to Revenue. She wrote all about it here: What to Do When Your Content is Ripped Off. If you want to see how blatantly he stole from her, here's her comparison on Google Docs. Then yesterday, I heard from another colleague that three more incidents have been found. Clearly Andrew Hunt is a serial plagiarist. It's very sad that he's stooped that... (more)

3 Ways to Unlock Your True Value Proposition

So how does your value proposition look? Can you describe what you do in terms of tangible business results? Do you have documented success stories? Or do you need to do some work to enhance your value proposition? If it’s not strong enough yet, don’t despair. Most people and companies have a much stronger value proposition than they realize. Here are 3 ways you can unlock the impact your product or service has on on your customers' business objectives: 1. Define Your Tangible Value Tangible value is directly related to your offering and highly measurable. It's typically expressed... (more)

Key Challenges Salespeople Are Facing Today

Recently, Brad Miller, Director of Business Development at Fathom, interviewed me about my new book, AGILE SELLING, and the key challenges salespeople are facing today. I thought you might like to listen in. Watch the video to hear my responses to these common sales challenges: Being Overwhelmed With Information Brad: One of the reasons I got into sales was because of your book, SNAP Selling. I was super excited to get an uncorrected manuscript of AGILE SELLING, which is being released on May 29th, 2014. Jill, tell me about AGILE SELLING, and how it helps people deal with their o... (more)

Never Confuse Your Prospects About Your Pricing

Sometimes you're not always as clear as you can be. That's what Barbara Weaver Smith, author of Whale Hunting & CEO of The Whale Hunters, discovered when she was pursuing a big opportunity. Even though it cost her the deal, she learned her lesson. _____________ My team and the prospect's team were sitting in their conference room. Enthusiasm was high and conversation was coming fast from every corner. They wanted to know what outcomes they could expect and how we would work with them. We talked about our standard implementation for a company like them, and we talked about some... (more)

[Video] Make Getting More LinkedIn Recommendations a High Priority

So how many LinkedIn recommendations do you have on your profile? If you don’t have at least 10, you’re selling yourself short – and here’s why. Your prospects are checking you out. They want to know what kind of person you are.   Imagine if they go to your profile and see one or 2 recommendations – and they’re from your peers or former co-workers. Not too impressive.   Then, imagine them bopping over to your competitor’s profile and seeing 15 LinkedIn recommendations – many from her clients. And they start reading and learn that she’s been a great resource, that she’s really hel... (more)